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Discovery of Global Warming

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"Create doubt," that's all fossil fuel corporations and the oligarchs need do. That's what the tobacco industry did and succeded. (See the below videos.) - Funding Climate Denial


Know about FOSSIL FUEL climate deception.

In 1896 Savante Arrhenius explained and showed how atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) creates a greehouse affect. We now have over 100 years of temperature increases coinciding with CO2 increases.

Short History Weart - Audio



Why don't deniers have evidence based science with peer review?

1896 Sevante Arrhenius explains human caused global warming - -


"There is no doubt . . . ." (Exxon document 1980) - President Johnson (1965)

August 24, 1982 Exxon Presentation on “CO2 Greenhouse Effect” and Exxon Climate Modeling

NASA - How We Know (This is about science, not political ideology)

The Greenland Ice Sheet 80 years of Climate change seen from the Air.

When I knew Audio - MP3


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Beware of climate deceivers' confusion of weather and climate. See this Senator Inhofe video

Weather: our daily experience involves the weather. It's what we get each and every day. There's no way that our daily experience of weather can tell us about our climate's long-term patterns.

Climate involves decades, centuries and longer. Climate scientists, like medical scientists, use computer models. Climate scientists also use satellite images and hands-on observation. Using a minimum 30 year cycle, climate scientists study the following: Sun, CO2 emissions, rain, aerosols, oceans, land masses, land-water heating differences, clouds, interactive vegetation, the carbon cycle, rivers, sulphate's, volcanic activity, ocean circulation, corral reefs, tree rings, chemistry, geologic structures, paleontology, glacier melt and more. They also study planets with or without atmospheres.

Fossil fuel industry propaganda reflects the same and similar deceptive practices as the tobacco industry a generation ago. doctor