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Climate deception propagndists create doubt; they have no peer-review science journals with a history.

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It now appears to me that 1957 should have been the pivotal year for the US Government to recognize human caused climate change as a national threat. Instead, our government drifted to the present, in denial of human caused climate change.

The intent behind these articles, sparse as they are, is to give others an idea for what's been going on in the world of science. Climate change and climate denial receive my greatest attention. These articles exist as pointers to areas of possible interest.


A Wicked Problem

Roger Revelle (draft)

When I Knew



Now cometh Four Horsemen:

  1. Global Warming
  2. Nuclear Proliferation
  3. Dismantling the Welfare State
  4. Junk Politics



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See the story on Roger Revell's research into nuclear radion visited upon the Pacific Ocean by US Navy nuclear testing. It's interesting that Revelle's research unveiled tools for CO2 affects on sea water and ocean acidity. See Tribute to Roger Revelle and his contribution to studies of carbon dioxide and climate change - - Revelle's findings found expression in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.