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World Views

I use this grid to clarify two opposing world views. The left view below does not belong to humanity's future, judging by what we've seen and what we're seeing. It qualifies as "utopian" in most social circles, but it does servce as a useful point of reference up against our dominant ideology.


The future self will know the Hobb's world of the state on the right. The state's power through corporate controled mass media promises commodificiation of public education. I hope I'm wrong.

Deified idols of the market place will rheign. A romantic approach to nature may arise, in part, but only the part safe for capital.







Two World Views


Transparency in institutional affairs -


Hierarchy - Buck Passing

Secrecy in institutional affairs -

Informed population -   Ignorant population -
Concern for all life forms -   Concern for limited human life -
Sustainable Economics -   Growth Economics (socialism, capitalism, communism) -
Decentralized economies and governments -   Centralized economies and centralized governments -
Honors diversity in society and nature -   Standardization, shallow environmentalism -
Long-term thinking and ecological protection -   Short-term thinking and ecological denial -
Heedful development of science and technology -   Technological Imperative: What can be done will be done.
Ideologies sensitive to ecologically, human and nonhuman -  

Nature an instrument, tool, for human growth -


Environmental Ethics: Humans as part of nature, all connected, not on top -   Environmental Ethics: Humans on top of nature; nature as commodity -
Ecological Wisdom: Nature is very complex to think about and probably more complex than we can think. Live for the benefit of next seven generations, and use soft technologies.   Ecological Arrogance: Ignores or discounts destruction, future generally ignored, seeks short-term market, government remedies, inherent chauvinism.