Bogus Morality

Whether in ethical or religious clothing, refined bogus morality.

Ethically vulnerable

Some reasonable people among us have argued over the decades that "technology" will save us even if we have gone too far into the jaws of global warming. We might try to excuse this capitulation to buckpassing because, for them, the idea of an entire industry like the fossil fuel industry manipulating facts seems morally absurd. In response to these sentiments, we need only look back to 1933 Berlin and an entire nations perversion of morality. We've yet to genetically encode moral instincts into the human genome.

our way of thinking and talking becomes vulnerable to seeing environmental problems the right way. If we were serious moral agents we would work to protect ourselves and future generations from rationalization, self-deception, and moral manipulation. Part of the problem of moral corruption is that it is often subtle, indirect, and hard to pin down.

We can deceptive arguments subvert our understanding of what is at stake. So rather than rely on our knowledge of science and common sense, we allow ourselves to be drawn off subject to irrelevant arguments. We need to keep in mind that it is we who must protect future generations and nature. They cannot do so on their own.

To be corrupt is to be "immoral or dishonest, especially as shown by exploitation of a position of power a trust for personal gain." Money in politics calls out much corruption and we should expect an infestation of corruption for generations because we lack protections once thought in citizens United. We know that politicians take bribes, take part in outrageous nepotism (the White House swamp at this moment should be enough to prove this point), and servants of corporation goals and oligarchs. Then there is the revolving door issue of government employees joining lobbyists.

It should be no wonder that our present climate policies serve the needs of capital enhancement at the expense of life on earth. Is it any wonder that this corruption has reached global, intergenerational and other forms of exploitation?

We in future generations must expect direct interim generational corruption: the quest to twist climate policy to fit perceived interest of the current generation at the expense of the future.

It seems almost rational to rebel against strict regulations. It seems natural at times to cast doubt on some laws. We preferred that laws and regulations to your own needs and were prepared to rationalize our own actions over against these fictions created by others in our absence.

So we should expect members of our own generation and future generations to rebel against needed environmental laws and regulations while rationalizing their self-centered needs and goals. As a result moral corruption arises and there is little that we can do to stop it. It follows from the fact that moral claims seem uncompromising and we blast through them to enhance our own place in the world. As a consequence we find small business toxic waste handlers dumping tons of toxic poison into streams and rivers. In their minds, the Clean Water Act was created by "liberals" in some sort of socialist- like scheme.

But this hardly measures up to the grandest manipulations of all times and all places at the top of Exxon's corporate leadership rationalization and deception. Recall Ray Lehman's claim that there was "plenty of time."

We can forgive neither the small business toxic waste handling company owner or the largest corporation in the world's Chief Executive Officer for rationalizing the poisoning of life space. Unlike those of us to make bad arguments and good faith, it's those among us that make morally corrupt arguments to obscure their abuse of others and the environment. We must imagine that at this moment somewhere on the planet and infant is born that will continue this process of producing morally corrupt arguments to obscure their abuse of others and the environment. This characteristic of human deception will recur repeatedly over generations. We can live with this deception on a preindustrial planet, but the facts scream out that we cannot survive on this planet with today's technology in today's climate deception.


Research the scientific literature and find that scientists agree, human behavior contributes to human caused climate change. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found the same consensus in the scientific literature that we will find by doing our homework.

We know that scientists in the 19th century gave us theories about heat and CO2 density contributing to global warming; today's scientists give us their practice, their facts combining theory and practice. They've contributed over 30,000 lines of evidence to the idea human caused global warming. These lines of evidence give life to human caused global warming theory.